Writing Projects

Elizabeth writes heartfelt, magical stories for kids. She loves creating worlds that are a little spooky, a little quirky, and always full of mystery and adventure!

Since her mother disappeared seven months ago, all 12-year-old Lucy wants to do is read. So when a mysterious friend gifts Lucy a bookmark that gives her the ability to travel into books, she jumps at the chance to forget her troubles inside the story world.

But what first seems like a delightful distraction turns dark when Lucy realizes that if she’s not careful, she’ll forget her identity and become trapped in a book forever. If that weren’t enough, a sinister, shadowy figure begins appearing in her front yard late at night and she starts to notice strange happenings around town.

Lucy resolves to unravel the mystery of the bookmark and, in the process, discovers it’s intertwined with her entire hometown.

Ultimately Lucy will have to decide if it’s safer to forget than to feel or if she’s willing to lay claim to all her memories — both good and bad —in order to uncover the secret of her missing mother and reunite her family.


Works in Progress

Fen’s been scared for as long as he can remember. Scared of spooky movies. Scared of raising his hand in class. Scared of the dark. Scared of spiders. If that weren’t bad enough, his parents just moved the family out to rural Ohio — or as Fen likes to call it, Ten-Miles-South-of-Nowhere, Ohio — and his fears are mounting by the day. What if he never makes any friends here? What if he never fits in?

But when Fen finds a human bone in the stream running through the hollow behind his house, he realizes his problems have only just begun. As Fen works to find out who the bone belonged to in life — and what caused her untimely death — he discovers he has a special connection to the bone. Not only can he see and feel things about the bone’s past when he touches it, he can also draw strength from the bone.

Armed with this new source of bravery, Fen comes up with a plan to cut fear out of his life for good. But the more Fen puts off finding out what really happened to the girl the bone belonged to — the more things go wrong. Fen will have to choose between following his plan at all costs, or abandoning it to find out the truth.